Willie James Ray III (born October 9, 1991), known professionally as Lil Will, is an African-American rapper from Centreville,IL grew up in ( St. Joe ) Cahokia,IL . On October 9, 2016, he released his first EP - Album The World Is Mines Catching a Big Buzz from his City and several surroundings states featuring his two hit singles Heaven or Hell & Day 1s ft. Kevo. Lil Will has released 12 mixtapes , and has collaborated on songs, tracks, and singles with artists such as Kevo, Echo, and other Artists. He also is the founder and CEO of Dream Team Empire.

Lil Will started recording , Engineering, Producing, Filming , and Song Writing at a early Age. "I have always been into music. My Mom & Dad put me on to 2pac and Dr.Dre, I use to listen their music everyday. I thought 2pac was my dads' brother because of how much he listened to him, and I thought N.W.A was my moms' brothers because of how much she would listen to them, and it rubbed off on me. I was like, ima be a rapper like 2pac, and try to change the World. I became a real big fan of Master.P when 2pac passed, and seeing Snoop , join No Limit Records after he had just left Death Row Records, I thought that was a smart choice at that time because that helped No Limit Records reach a Higher Level. Just because of that, Salute to Master.P for showing Independent Artists & Labels there is a way to make it Independent, just make it happen. I started recording songs on a tape recorder, I would take my dad classic cassette tapes which featured 2pac, Dr.Dre, Master.P, Phil Collins, Cash Money Records, and others. I would rap songs on there, back and front at like the age 6 and 7. Just rapping about everyday things around me, I did it so much that my dad didn't have any more classic cassette tapes, I rapped over every classic cassette tape he had. I started studying Jay-Z as I got older because I wanted to start learning  about the business side of the Music Industry, and it's helping out a lot. As I got a little older, I heard Gucci Mane and since then I ain't look back. I watched how he built his buzz and rose to the Top to be an Elite Artist, and I started working and building my buzz and website and haven't looked back. That's what got me here to this day, still getting inspired  by the Legends who made a mark in this Entertainment Business." Lil Will Set his goal at becoming a Great Rapper/MC Selling out Tours , Winning Grammys , And to have a successful brand. He started his own lane and new wave of music called Real Life music , released 10 Mixtapes in 2 years 2014-2016 two collaborate mixtapes Life of some real niggas 1 , Life of some real niggas 2,  with ( Kevo ) , Everyday ,Back to the Streets, Words of Wisdom, Real Life , Real Life 2, Real Life 3 ,and Real Life 4. Lil Will also released a new Mixtape which released January 1, 2017 on Mymixtapez entitled "American Dream".You can also Buy, Stream, Download a copy of The World Is Mines Ep on all Major Distribution Sites as well, itunes, spotify, amazon music, Google play, Emusic, etc . To receive future updates on Lil Will Tours, Music, Interviews, and Merchandise join his mailing list.

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Lil Will peforming live @ The Fubar in St.Louis, Mo.

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